The best parenting tip

I always coached my older son’s youth teams. Always. I would coach him at practice and also in the car on the way home. It got to where he started to ask if his mom could drive him home.

DSC_0093I realized that I was not being fair to all the other players on my team. Why did my son get all the extra coaching? That is not what he thought about my car coaching! When I finally figured it out, I became Dad again in the car and at home. This was one of the most important lessons I learned as a father and coach. I just wish I would have started just being dad in the car earlier. It would have saved my wife from coming to the field or gym to pick him up. It also would of made his sports experience more positive.

Author Daniel Coyle, New York Time best-selling author, sums up well some of the findings of  Rob Miller and Bruce E. Brown of Proactive Coaching LLC, in their quest to understand what makes a successful parent. By understanding and following some of these tips, you can reframe your relationship with your child.

I learned my lesson soon enough to make the change early. I also think that it is never good to critique a coach or other player on your child’s team regardless of how you feel. Just be supportive and love your child. Appreciate that he or she has the opportunity to be on a team and know the years go by so fast.

Joe McDonald
Middle School Athletic Director and father of two

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