Healthy benefits of balancing multiple sports

We love to see our student-athletes working hard to reach the highest levels at Menlo. Every day there is action on our courts, fields, and in the pool. Many of our students play multiple sports at Menlo. Our coaches teach and our programs are structured so that our students have the opportunity to compete more then one sport, and still play at a highly competitive level. multisport
We know it is better for students to not just play one sport year round – even if the other
sports are at a more recreational level. It is better for their overall fitness and health because they are working different parts of their bodies and can prevent overuse injuries. Kids and parents will learn how different sports can help compliment one another while helping students learn to balance their schedules.

We actively promote the need our students to play and do multiple activities to not only help them develop healthy habits but to also keep our programs competitive.

Lisa Heffernan and Jennifer Breheny Wallace in a blog for the New York Times in “What College Sports Recruiters Can Teach Your Child” say the advice head coaches have for prospective recruits will help any student succeed, even those who don’t plan to play sports in college.

— Joe McDonald Middle School Director of Athletics (played football, basketball, baseball, and soccer as a student)
— Kris Weems Director of Athletics (basketball, baseball)
— Buffie Ward Williams Menlo Assistant Athletic Director  (soccer, softball and volleyball)
More food for thought:

One thought on “Healthy benefits of balancing multiple sports

  1. Just found out about this blog from the meeting this morning. I am going to share them with my two boys who love sports. Please keep posting! Enjoyed reading the articles which are so positive and helpful! Thank you to all the amazing coaches at Menlo.


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