Off to school, back to school

As our recent graduates transition to college athletics, their parents will be going through a transition as well.  This story should resonate with all parents of college athletes.

Back to school

Even as a pro football player, Baltimore Ravens lineman John Urschel is still a true student-athlete.  Check out how his love of math keeps him busy during the off season.

(Photo credit: Jason Grow — Wall Street Journal)

Team first

This movie trailer hits close to home as it features the Highland Park High School (Topeka, KS) basketball program led by long-time head coach, Ken Darting.  My nephew, Kyle Weems, was blessed to be coached and mentored by Coach Darting during his career at Highland Park and won the 2007 Kansas State Basketball Championship with director, Adrian “A1” Herrera.  Adrian was a tremendous player and an outstanding teammate, cultivated by the program’s culture of teamwork and unselfishness – “We Not Me.”   An outstanding documentary for student-athletes, coaches and parents to see.  Enjoy!

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